Funds in Syndication

  • Quadoro Social Infrastructure (QSI)

    QSI is an open-ended special AIF for semi-professional and professional investors. The fund invests in properties in the areas of healthcare, social housing, state institutions and education, mainly in Germany. All properties must meet strict requirements in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

  • Quadoro Sustainable Real Estate Europe Private (Sustainable Europe)

    The open-ended real estate fund follows a sustainable investment strategy. The aim of the fund is to achieve stable distributions from rental income in conjunction with low fluctuations in value. The sustainability strategy and active asset management ensure that the buildings and locations remain of a high standard in the long term. The fund invests in promising, sustainable regions in the European Economic Area. In addition to traditional investment locations, the fund also focuses on attractive secondary regions. All properties must meet our strict sustainability criteria.
  • Quadoro Sustainable Real Estate Europe (QSREE)

    QSREE is an open-ended special real estate fund for semi-professional and professional investors. The AIF invests in sustainable properties in prospering European metropolises with a promising outlook. The emphasis is on office and retail properties.
  • Impact Fund Renewable Energy

    Quadoro is currently readying a new open-ended special fund in the field of renewable energy. The fund will take both environmental and sustainability factors into account along with financial returns. Part of Quadoro’s investment strategy is to launch new funds which comply with all four criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities according to the EU taxonomy and make a significant contribution to the implementation of at least one environmental goal. In particular, this fund aims to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. The fund will focus on investments in photovoltaic and wind power plants. More information will follow shortly.