Making an Impact, Leaving No Footprint

To stay credible and competitive in today's world, it's essential that sustainable use of finite resources is ingrained in our corporate ethos. We see sustainability as essential to ensure the long-term viability of our business. Sustainability has become an ubiquitous corporate ideal, with ongoing public discourse focusing on carbon footprint, energy and water use, waste reduction, social inequality, and product recyclability. 

We actively participate in open and transparent discussions with all our stakeholders because shaping the future is the best way to predict it.


Sustainability is firmly rooted in Quadoro's corporate philosophy as part of the Doric Group. Our business activities focus on sustainable investments with attractive performance. Our real estate funds adhere to a sustainability approach throughout the entire investment cycle of the properties. Investments in renewable energy round off our portfolio.


The Doric Group ESG Strategy

Quadoro places significant importance on sustainability at both corporate and investment level. We regularly review and adjust our group-wide ESG strategy to meet current needs. By conducting market and employee surveys, and implementing actions based on the findings, we are able to continuously improve our impact on environmental, social, and governance issues. 

We also align our efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). 

You can view our current group-wide ESG policy here.




Scope Award

  • Top Asset Manager in der Sustainability category



Social Commitment

  • We participate in local environmental and social projects



Employee Contentment

  • Our employees are our capital


Doric Group Sustainability Report 2023

In a world that is increasingly facing the challenges of climate change, social inequality and environmental responsibility, it is crucial for us to ensure that sustainable practices are at the centre of our strategies.



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