Quadoro's Legal Victory Results in Substantial Returns for Investors

As asset manager of the closed-ended fund Doric Solar Provence, Quadoro has achieved a significant victory in opposing the reduction of feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic systems in France. After a protracted legal dispute, the company has successfully prevented the planned reduction in the feed-in tariff.

The Doric Solar Provence fund owns two photovoltaic systems in Les Mées, located in the south of France, which feed electricity into the French energy grid. As per the 2021 French budget law, the feed-in tariffs for one of the plants were set to decrease by approximately 60%. Quadoro took legal action which proved successful, ensuring the original feed-in tariffs remain unchanged.

The resolution of the legal dispute enables the fund company to distribute a 16% payout to investors in mid-January 2024. 

Dr. Peter E. Hein, Managing Director at Quadoro, comments: "This legal victory is not only a significant achievement for Quadoro but also for our investors who can now enjoy a well-deserved payout. Additionally, this decision secures the economic continuity of the solar plants."

Further information on Quadoro's expertise in the field of renewable energies can be found at https://www.quadoro.com/en/renewable-energy