The Doric Group Corporate Philosophy

Our objective is to provide investment opportunities for our clients. Market knowledge and market positioning are key factors in achieving these goals.

We manage the entire lifecycle of an investment, from the initial investment decision and its implementation to management and the sale.

Sustainable investments are the focus of our business activities.

Collaboration within the company and with third parties ensures the investment success of our customers and therefore our success.


Our Approach

  • We get down to business
  • We concentrate on our strengths
  • We contribute to our partners‘ success
  • We innovate solutions
  • We take responsibility
  • We create transparent procedures
  • We take customer concerns seriously

Our Values

The Doric Group acts in accordance with the guidelines of the investment fund industry.

We consider the following values to be of paramount importance:

  • Honesty
  • Competence
  • Compassion
  • Sustainablity
  • Prudence
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Trust

Our employees are what define the Doric Group. They are competent, pragmatic and responsible. We encourage team spirit which results in strong performance. We offer attractive working conditions, recognising our corporate responsibility towards trainees, specialists and managers alike.

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibilty

Our corporate responsibility is based on the concept of sustainability to underpin economic, ecological and social values. This responsibility is key to our future-oriented corporate strategy which combines environmental and social responsibility with financial success.

We manage the entire life cycle of an investment, from the investment decision and its implementation, to asset management and the sale of shares.

Sustainable investments with attractive value developments are the focus of our business activities.

Cooperation within the company and with our clients and business partners ensures investment success and therefore our corporate success.

We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously by

  • supporting sustainable investing
  • providing reports
  • implementing anti-money laundering measures
  • preparing a comprehensive continuity of business plan
  • effectively managing potential conflicts of interest using internal and external controls.

We are committed to our customers


We take our responsibilities to society and the environment seriously by

  • reviewing our business relationships and excluding specific sectors
  • supporting social projects
  • providing a climate-friendly workplace
  • responsibly handling resources.

We stand for sustainability and environmental awareness


We take our responsibilities to our employees seriously by

  • supporting a work-life balance
  • integrating employees in the company so they can realise their professional and personal potential.

Employees are our most important resource