"With Quadoro we can rely on a partner who understands the many facetted requirements of our customers in the non-profit sector and who - like us - places great importance on a fair cooperation based on mutual trust."

Manfred Sonnenschein, Member of the board of Bank im Bistum Essen

Product Development & Investment Strategies

The current market climate has been shaped by a long period of low interest and high liquidity. High demand for real estate is met by a dwindling supply of suitable properties. Successfully implementing strategies in such an environment requires excellent access to the market, specialist knowledge and experience. Furthermore, regulatory requirements must be taken into account.

We provide the following services:

  • Definition of investment goals bearing the regulatory requirements placed on the investor in mind
  • Development of an investment strategy
  • Selection of the investment type and of the legal structure of the property acquisition
  • Observation of multinational legal and tax aspects
  • Monitoring and analysis of pertinent target markets
  • Identification and analysis of suitable properties