Doric Establishes Specialized ESG Management Team to Promote Sustainability

Doric Group has appointed ESG managers from six different departments to further develop the group's sustainability activities and to introduce and implement projects in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.

Risk management coordinates the sustainability team with regard to all relevant issues. The managing directors responsible for sustainability are Tanja Kisselbach for risk management and Michael Denk for portfolio management.

The Doric Group attaches great importance to its social responsibility at both corporate and investment level. Its individual group-wide ESG strategy is regularly reviewed and adapted to the current landscape. With the help of market and employee surveys and resultant measures, Doric is continuously improving its environmental, social and corporate governance footprint. Due to the complexity of the field, a holistic approach to organising the tasks was chosen.

Bernd Reber, Managing Director of Doric, on the organisation of the Group‘s ESG activities: "Sustainability thrives when people take responsibility. In order for sustainability to be put into practice, people are needed who promote it at all levels and firmly anchor it in the corporate group's day-to-day dealings. This is exactly what our team does."

Further information on the sustainability of the Doric Group and the Sustainability Report 2020 can be found on the website