"Consistent implementation of the sustainable investment strategy [of the Quadoro Sustainable Real Estate Europe fund] has given us additional value beyond the pure performance. This is because the strategy reduces long-term market and location risk."

Dr. Richard Böger, CEO of Bank für Kirche und Caritas

Sustainability and Integrity

  • Together with our partner Sustainable Real Estate AG, we stringently implement our sustainability philosophy. 
  • We do our utmost to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We avoid allocation conflicts by implementing only one investment strategy per mandate.
  • We gauge subscriptions so that we can promptly invest the equity. Maturities are capped for special funds. The goal is to employ the subscribed capital within a year, depending on the project.
  • A long-term approach to business is ensured as management participates financially in the company.
  • We are guided by the principles set out by the German Investment Funds Association BVI.

Regulatory Oversight

Quadoro is a Doric group company. Please refer to Doric's Regulatory Oversight/Policies.